“Helping people to heal, change and grow through words, movement, and creative self-expression”


Emotional Therapeutic Counselling is a creative, talk-based therapy which helps you to make sense of and resolve emotions and patterns behind current painful feelings and personal difficulties in order to enable real and lasting changes in yourself, your life and your relationships.

Embodied Therapy

Embodied Therapy offers an effective body-based approach to change and growth which can help you let go of stuck feelings, pain, trauma and disconnection, and move into a more positive relationship with yourself and others. We can use movement, words, breath, and hands-on work to explore your experience, let go of held tension and stuck energy, and open into new ways of being and relating.

About Me

I have been involved with various growth and self-development modalities for over 20 years. As well as offering counselling and embodied therapy I am a practicing Alexander Technique teacher and a licensed Dance of Awareness facilitator. 

I believe that we all have within us an innate wisdom and tendency towards healing and wholeness; when we feel safe, accepted and allowed to be ourselves it is natural for us to start to orientate towards well-being and growth. My aim is to create a space in which you can unfold, explore, grow and let go of what no longer serves you as feels right to you. I have a range of tools to offer which can enable you to find greater inner support and resilience, increase your range of possibilities, and allow you to let go of  old patterns which are no longer helpful.