Spiritual Crisis and Overwhelm

Are you struggling to come to terms with a spiritual or mystical experience, or with a spiritual practice which seems to have done more harm than good? 

Spiritual practices such as mindfulness or meditation can be a wonderful route to insight and growth, but sometimes they can go too far and leave us feeling ungrounded, unsettled, traumatised or disconnected. Some people become victims of overt or covert abuse by spiritual teachers. Others may have entirely spontaneous spiritual, visionary or transcendent experiences which may on one hand be a gift, but on the other be a difficult to understand, contain or make sense of.

I work with people who have had spiritual and visionary experiences and are struggling to integrate them healthily. I can offer you support in healing, grounding and making sense of such events, and putting them in context with the rest of your life. I offer you a safe, open-minded and non-dogmatic space where you can explore your experience from different perspectives, integrate what has happened, and come to your own understanding.

I am a qualified counsellor, and have a Masters degree in Myth Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury University, which gave me numerous perspectives from which to view and seek to understand spiritual, transcendent and visionary experience. I am also trained in body-based approaches which can be very helpful for grounding spiritual experiences in the everyday world.

I am happy to work with these sorts of issues either online (video call) or in person. I offer a free half hour initial consultation. For more info or to book a session, contact me here.

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