Coming to Terms with ‘Twin Flame’ Events and Experiences of Transcendent Love

Are you struggling to come to terms with a ‘Twin Flame’ experience, or with an overwhelming transcendent or spiritually charged romantic connection?

I work with people who have had 'twin flame' events, or similar transcendent, overwhelming experiences of love and connection. Such experiences can be seen as a gift, but can also be highly disruptive and a considerable challenge to deal with, both for the individuals concerned and for those around them! In recent years a minor industry has grown up around the ‘Twin Flame’ phenomenon which pushes an agenda which can be one-sided and not helpful for everyone seeking to understand what is happening to them.

I offer a safe, warm, accepting and non-dogmatic space to help you find your way through what can be confusing, unsettling and disorientating feelings and events. I don't approach these issues with any agenda, judgment, or fixed set of beliefs about what such experiences mean, about how you should interpret them, or about what you should do — but I will support you in grounding what has happened and in coming to your own conclusions as to what it means for you and how it fits into your life as a whole.

I am a qualified counsellor, and have a Masters degree in Myth Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury University, which gave me numerous perspectives from which to view and seek to understand spiritual, transcendent and visionary experience. I am also trained in body-based approaches which can be very helpful for grounding spiritual experiences in the everyday world.

I am happy to work with these sorts of issues either online (video call) or in person. I offer a free half hour initial consultation. For more info or to book a session, contact me here.

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